Mar 10,2022

Xfce accepted to Google Summer of Code 2022

Good news, Xfce has been accepted to Google Summer of Code 2022 !

This time not only different thunar projects will be mentored, but as well some xfce4-terminal, xfce4-screenshooter and xfce4-panel projects. Check our Xfce GSoC Wiki for a detailed list of project ideas !

If you are not much involved into Xfce yet and interested in software development, now might be a good opportunity to contribute to Xfce while even getting payed for it !

In case you are already involved in Xfce development, you might be interested to mentor a GSoC contributor and add some project idea to the ideas-list for which you can do mentoring.

For more detailed information, best check the guides on the official GSoC page.

Hope to see you there !